Chargeback was founded nearly 10 years ago to deal with a very specific problem — credit card chargebacks, aka when a merchant pays back a customer after the customer disputes an item on their credit card. Over time, Chargeback has built up the software and tools to help credit card merchants prevent and manage chargeback fraud, and they’re actively trying to fortify these tools as best they can. Which leads us into some acquisition news — Chargeback has acquired CBplan, a provider of issuer alert notifications to high risk merchants.

“We’re excited to bring our solution to a new set of customers who already understand the risks associated with chargebacks,” Dave Wilkes, Chargeback CEO, said on the company website. “Our goal is to ensure that every merchant has the tools to address customer disputes in the right way.”

Unfortunately, credit card fraud is an unavoidable part of society at this point in time. To minimize the damage, Chargeback continues building up their arsenal of chargeback monitoring, responses, and alerts, obviously helped by the acquisition of CBplan. We’ll keep a close eye to see how things unfold.