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Data is ‘blind spot’ for companies, Qualtrics CEO says

By Joey Ferguson

Data is a “blid spot for companies, Qualtrics Chief Executive Officer Ryan Smith told Forbes.

“The data you need most is the data you don’t have,” Smith said in a video interview with Forbes.


Smith spoke about the company’s growth since it’s latest $70 million investment round from Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners.

The company is up to 5,000 customers and is set to double its revenue this year from $50 million in 2012, according to the article.

Qualtrics’ platform allows any person in a company to run analysis and quickly convert that to insights.

Smith gives an example of a luxury hotel group that had a large portion of traffic from local sources, according to Forbes. The hotel ran a survey and found that locals were looking for the happy hour menu, which gave it an opportunity to react.

Data is ‘blind spot’ for companies, Qualtrics CEO says
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