By Joey Ferguson

NORTH LOGAN — GeoMetWatch, developers of global weather monitoring technology, raised $6 million in a series A funding round.

The company creates weather sensors that are placed on commercial satellites helping produce four-dimensional weather visualizations (length, width, depth and time). Data gathered from the sensors is then sold to GeoMetWatch’s clients, according to a statement from the company released today.

“This project is not a typical entrepreneurial pursuit, and those who have invested have done so following careful consideration and the realized sharing of a desire to improve severe weather forecast and climate modeling and provide a true societal benefit for governments, industries, and the general population all around the world,” Forrest Fackrell, GeoMetWatch’s chief development officer, said in a statement.

The company declined to name its Series A investors.

“Organizations and individuals within the aerospace industry and elsewhere continue to recognize the strategic importance of GMW’s ability to commercialize space-based weather information and have invested in the success of GMW,” the company said in a statement.