We’re excited to enter into this partnership with Beehive Startups.

Grow Utah and Zions Bank have partnered with Beehive Startups to promote a variety of high profile events and initiatives that help promote a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem across Utah.

“We’re excited to enter into this partnership with Beehive Startups,” said T. Craig Bott, President & CEO of Grow Utah.

“As long standing partners in entrepreneurial development, Grow Utah and Zions have always sought to strengthen many of the initiatives already underway by each of these organizations, as well as produce new programs and pioneering technologies to better serve Utah’s startup and tech community,” added Scott Anderson, CEO of Zions Bank.

Grow Utah’s mission is to accelerate the creation of innovative, entrepreneur-led, high-growth businesses that will strengthen and expand the future growth of Utah’s economy. “We are excited about joining with Beehive Startups in their innovative initiatives like StartSLC, the Utah Startup Awards, the Startup Conversation Series, and many other offerings,” said Bott.

For its part, Beehive Startups will be bringing additional publicity and exposure to Grow Utah’s many events such as the ongoing Concept to Company innovation contests which are held throughout the state. To date, over $875,000 has been awarded to nearly 65 entrepreneurs amongst 22 different contests.

Along with outreach support, Zions Bank will feature Beehive Startups’ news stories and features in its Community magazine, the most widely distributed magazine in Utah.

“We’ve long admired the incredible contributions Scott Anderson and Craig Bott have made to Utah’s startup and tech community through Grow Utah and Zions Bank,” said Beehive Startups Founder and CEO Clint Betts. “Partnering with these two esteemed organizations means we will be able to expand and continue in our efforts to foster an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive startup community in Utah.”

Published 1/14/2015