Pluralsight Opens New Office Space, Cuts Ribbon With Giant Scissors

As we’ve quickly grown our team of talented, passionate people, we needed to expand our headquarters.

I have a secret theory that giant scissors are a great indicator of success. I base this upon a few facts — you have to reach a certain level of prestige before you can own giant scissors or know where to buy giant scissors or even hold giant scissors in public without everyone assuming you’re a lunatic. Frankly, I wish that I had a pair of giant scissors to wield, I could use them to chop down that last sentence and punctuate it in a more proper manner. Or to cut every ribbon I cross paths with. Either way, if you have a pair of giant scissors, you’re feeling pretty good about life.

I bring this up because Pluralsight recently opened new office space in Farmington, celebrating the occasion by breaking out giant scissors and cutting their way into a new, 43,500 square-foot future that anticipates the need for additional space. With an employee base currently surpassing 500, office expansion seems the logical move as Pluralsight continues trekking towards the pinnacle of the online learning industry.

“As we’ve quickly grown our team of talented, passionate people, we needed to expand our headquarters,” Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight, said in a statement. “Our people are the heart and soul of the company, and we’re excited to see how we’ll continue to grow and evolve within these walls as we work to democratize professional technology learning.”

Pluralsight has grown as a company through their unique combination of culture and business savvy. To learn about their culture, click here. To learn about their rise as a business, click here. If you don’t want to learn, continue doing what you’re doing and click nowhere.

(Photos for this article provided courtesy of Pluralsight)

Published 4/28/2016