About Silicon Slopes

Silicon Slopes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization led by Utah tech and business leaders. We exist to empower our community to learn, connect, and serve. We love this state and commit ourselves to create access to opportunity and a better future for all who call it home.

This organization and community were built at the hands and through the tireless efforts of countless individuals over generations. We honor this legacy. Silicon Slopes is community-owned, community-led, and community-driven. It’s organized to remain this way forever, with a rotating body of leaders and companies heading its efforts.

We believe opportunity only exists to all if we’re willing to extend it to all. In that spirit, we believe it’s the responsibility of every member of this community to ensure the Silicon Slopes don’t rise while the rest of Utah falls. As we grow, with a better future as our aim, may we remember and cling to what makes this the greatest state in the country.

Our lives are as much about the chances we give as the chances we take. More than any other objective, Silicon Slopes strives to give a chance to any individual with the audacity to make a positive impact on the lives of others. With that outcome achieved, no doubt through much determination and perseverance, the principled thing to do is reach back and give a chance to someone new. That’s the Utah way.

Welcome to your community.

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