At the Center of Business

This article was published in the Tech Summit 2020 issue

by Blake Weathers, Senior VP Business Services, America First Credit Union

It isn’t quite accurate to say that Utah is experiencing a tech boom. After all, Utah has been helping shape technology and business for decades now, and we’ve earned our place as a leader in those sectors a dozen times over. So boom as a descriptor just feels too brief and too little. However, I will say the word does capture part of the spirit, energy, and impact of Utah’s entrepreneurs, tech innovators, and business visionaries — those individuals and groups who are never content to rest on the laurels of others and are instead taking our state’s already stellar reputation to even greater heights.

That collective drive to excel is one of the things I love most about being able to work with Utah companies, and one of the things that makes doing business here so exciting. It’s also why I’m thrilled to announce that America First is opening a new Business Center in Downtown Salt Lake City.

The America First Business Center, which is located in the credit union’s Salt Lake Metro Branch at 455 South 500 East, is the next step in our commitment to supporting and championing Utah’s businesses. We’ve designed it from the ground up to be a hub and resource for our business members, a place where they can find the tools, products, services, and people that will help them meet their dynamic needs and reach their individual goals. Whether your organization is small or large, a startup or one of the old guard, we’ve created the Business Center to help you take your business further.

In the Business Center, our members and members of the greater community will have access to local industry experts, including those from our Business Development team. They’ll be able to meet with business account specialists who can help with any product or service needs they might have, including the tools in our extensive suite of Merchant Services, business planning through LivePlan, ACH and payroll, and setting up or making changes to business members’ accounts. Members of our Lending will be there to help them to apply for or set up Lines of Credit or Visa credit cards — including our Business Cash Back+ card that earns 2% cash back on fuel purchases, and 1.5% cash back on every other purchase — and they’ll be able to help with needs for Small Business, SBA, Commercial Real Estate, and other Business Loans. Our goal is that the Business Center will become the go-to place for finding what or who you need to help your company grow.

And since the Business Center is housed alongside the Salt Lake Metro Branch and shares the same hours of operation, the branch’s exceptional staff will always be on hand to help our visiting business members with any personal account needs.

To celebrate the Business Center’s grand opening, we’re having an open house from February 3rd through February 7th. I hope everyone who can will stop by and see everything we’ve got to offer. Not only will it be the perfect opportunity to check out all the services available in the Business Center, but it’ll be a great chance to meet and connect with the exceptional people and companies who are working hard to shape the future of Utah’s technology and business landscapes.

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