Beehive Startups is Proud to Announce the First Ever Utah Startup Awards

If you haven’t gotten tickets to the grand finale of StartSLC’s $250,000 Pitch Competition and the Utah Startup Awards, you should be ashamed beyond all belief.

Stop procrastinating, stop twiddling your thumbs, stop everything you’re doing. If you haven’t gotten tickets to the grand finale of StartSLC’s $250,000 Pitch Competition and the Utah Startup Awards, you should be ashamed beyond all belief. There is no excuse and time is dwindling — January 31 quickly approaches. RSVP now to partake of the sweetest fruit the Utah startup scene has to offer.

Dinner will be served, and SLUG Magazine, Overstock, and SpinGo will be hosting an epic after-party. Dirty dancing is optional.

The judges’ choice for winner of StartSLC’s pitch competition will receive a grand prize of $150,000, with the runner-up receiving $50,000. Only those who RSVP to this event will be able to vote to decide the Audience Choice Award, also worth $50,000.

The pitch competition will be immediately followed by StartSLC’s keynote speaker, Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard, after which the Utah Startup Awards ceremony will begin and the winners of the pitch competition will be announced.

Awards will be recognizing the achievements of startups, entrepreneurs, and community leaders throughout the Beehive State. It will be a night where the entire community comes together to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished in 2014.

List of awards nominees:

  • Utah Startup of the Year: Pluralsight, Qualtrics, Inside Sales
  • Utah Founder of the Year: Mark Newman, Brandon Rodman, Ryan Caldwell
  • Utah CEO of the Year: Aaron Skonnard, Ryan Smith, David Elkington
  • Utah VC of the Year: Kickstart Seed Fund, Epic Ventures, Peak Ventures
  • Utah Angel of the Year: Robb Kunz, Aaron Ollivier, Andrew Laver
  • Best Utah Education Startup: MasteryConnect, Instructure, Pluralsight
  • Best New Utah Startup Launched in 2014: Cotopaxi, Qzzr, Grow
  • Best Utah Health Startup: Orca Health, Tute Genomics, Health Catalyst
  • Best Utah Bootstrapped Startup: Aqua-yield, Simple Nexus, DevMountain
  • Best Utah Mobile Application: Day One, Studio, Scan
  • Best Utah SaaS Startup: Inside Sales, Qualtrics, Domo
  • Best Non-Technical Startup: Cotopaxi, Freshly Picked, Fiberfix
  • Southern Utah Startup of the Year: Busybusy, Contactpoint, Rugged Material
  • Salt Lake County Startup of the Year: Lucid Software, Spingo, Taskeasy
  • Utah County Startup of the Year: Weave, MX, Clientsuccess
  • Northern Utah Startup of the Year: Vidpresso, Aptivada, Built by HQ

Published 1/15/2015

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