Being A First-Time Attendee At Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

This article was published in the Spring 2019 edition of Silicon Slopes Magazine.

By Susan Sulfridge, Credit Manager, LendingClub

As a first-time attendee, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. It was exciting to hear about the past, present, and future of tech in the area. Hearing about the Qualtrics/ SAP merger (eight billion dollars!) was a great way to kick off the conference. With energetic music, animated lighting, and over 20,000 people, the stage was set for a thrilling experience.

I was eager to hear from some of the local founders I have followed for years. To say their stories are inspiring is an understatement. While each of their ideas and visions were unique, they all seemed to possess a similar philosophy: provide a forward-thinking work environment. Witnessing this vibrant community grow and the amount of businesses moving/growing here has been surreal.

I am a newcomer to the tech sector, having recently made a big career move. Career change can be risky. It can make you feel vulnerable and left wondering if you’ve made the right decision. Luckily for me, LendingClub has made me feel a part of The Club since walking through the doors of our headquarters in San Francisco.

And now we have a new home in Silicon Slopes. In late 2018, LendingClub announced that it would be opening an office in Utah. Like many other Silicon Valley tech companies, LendingClub leaders recognized the quality of talent and opportunity we have here in Utah. As a local Utahn, I am proud to be one of the founding employees in our growing office at Thanksgiving Station in Lehi.

I had the privilege to hear from LendingClub’s President, Steve Allocca, at the conference. He spoke about LendingClub’s dedication to people helping people. By leveraging technology and resources, we aim to help individuals become financially healthy. As the largest online lending marketplace in the country (and #1 provider of personal loans), LendingClub is committed to improving the financial situation of thousands of US consumers. Silicon Slopes Tech Summit provided an exclusive opportunity for Steve to share LendingClub’s aim to become America’s Financial Health Club.

As we expand in our new office in Lehi, we are so excited to be part of the Silicon Slopes family. I personally feel lucky to be a part of this great community of professionals and innovative thinkers. I was impressed with the emphasis throughout the conference on diversity and inclusion. Many of the ideas presented match my personal values and those of LendingClub as well. With some tips and tools to support employee resource groups I learned at the conference, I hope to have an impact on carrying LendingClub’s culture and emphasis on this area into our new office in Lehi.

The tech conference opened my eyes to the impact of Silicon Slopes. This area has truly become the new hub for the tech industry, and there is nothing coincidental about LendingClub’s decision to join the family. With a forward-thinking vision and a positive, supportive culture that aligns with my personal values, I feel that I am in the right place: both at LendingClub and as part of the Silicon Slopes.

If you’re interested in joining me, check out our careers page at

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