BoomStartup EdTech Demo Day Set For November 5

The very first EdTech Demo Day is officially upon us.

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about the launch of BoomStartup’s EdTech accelerator program. Well, time flies, which means the very first EdTech Demo Day is officially upon us. Tickets are free — if you’re ready and willing, register here.

When: Thursday, November 5, 5:30–9:30PM

Where: Impact Hub, 150 South State Street, SLC

Companies Presenting (Descriptions Provided Via Respective Websites):

7 Generation Games

Social Media: Twitter

7 Generation Games combines math, history and cutting-edge graphics to make games that make you smarter. Math is taught in context of real-life situations within a virtual world. We work with educators to create our games and use analytics to continuously improve them. Our games teach, test, track and — most importantly — produce results.


We help schools and clubs fundraise by providing the traditional coupon books/cards on an app platform. Supporters of the school and or club make a small monthly contribution which then unlocks thousands of deals for them to use through the app.


Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

CrowdSchool is on a mission to put Project Based Learning at the heart of school. Founded by teachers in 2014, we’re building a community platform for K-12 teachers to create and share project based units that make learning truly fun and engaging for students, on any device. CrowdSchool also offers a space for students to showcase their remarkable work to online audiences.


Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

A plugin that integrates with your LMS and uses expression recognition to analyse user engagement, providing analytics on students learning and engagement with learning materials.


Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

iFlipd is the first pay-as-you-go platform for ebooks. Pay for your ebook on a weekly basis for a flat rate. If you finish the book early, flip it out to your iFlipd community and let your friends pick it up for a lower rate. Need to keep the book? No problem! Simply renew your title for another week and keep reading. Do this as many times as you’d like. If you keep the ebook long enough, you own it! No commitment, no subscription, no hassle. Share books with friends, see what others are reading, earn rewards, and so much more! Time for a new way to read!


Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

Imaginie is a Brazilian edtech startup that developed a crowdsourcing platform to help secondary school students around the globe prepare for writing examinations and improve their skills. Through our platform, we connect the best educators around the globe to review and grade essays uploaded by students located anywhere. Our platform has already helped over 10,000 students in Brazil to write better and over 50 schools and institutions to promote quality education.


Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

WriteWell has developed an innovative writing platform that makes writing fun and engaging for kids in grades 4–12. WriteWell helps students produce clear and well organized essays by walking them through the writing process. Students write directly into WriteWell’s innovative “write in chunks” interface. Each chunk provides grade-appropriate supports (a prompt, sample sentences, useful words etc.) that tell and show the student what to write in each paragraph. WriteWell can be used for a variety of subjects and grade levels (4–12). Our customers include schools, homeschoolers, parents and colleges.


Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

Zamenhof is an EdTech startup providing online language tutoring. The pedagogical methodology is similar to that of, but the edge is the structure; instead of promoting directly to students, Zamenhof offer a white-label teaching services to brick-and-mortar language schools. The language school promotes the service under its own brand and provides the customer support. Zamenhof provides the online teachers, evaluators, academic content, and the software.

Published 11/4/2015

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