Claravine Announces $16 Million In Funding

Marketing data platform Claravine has announced a tidy $16 million in a Series B round led by Five Elms Capital. The round was closed with participation from Grayhawk Capital, Next Frontier Capital, Peninsula Ventures, Kickstart Fund, and Silverton Partners.

Starting out as Tracking First in 2012, then later pivoting to what is now Claravine, the company has gone through some different iterations and changes in order to solve pain points in a quickly evolving field.

Claravine offers solutions for analytics, data science, content management, digital merchandising, and media/ad ops. Effective data isn't about seeing what has happened, it's about using existing data to proactively approach potential problems. Claravine's products help large organizations control what is happening in their tech stack, creating solid data standards. If a company knows what their customers are doing, and the data is gathered in a way that leaves no room for error, it improves nearly everything the company does.  

In a recent press release, CEO Verl Allen said,

"While some organizations may try to define and distribute data requirements in documents, structured spreadsheets or homegrown solutions, these create immense challenges around change management, version control, access, and process resulting in challenges in the readiness and reliability of data, particularly for global organizations. The status quo for marketing operations, measurement, and data teams is no longer good enough.

With customers like Under Armour, Ancestry, Kroger, and Carhartt, and with $27.9 million in funding raised to date, Claravine is establishing itself as a leader in digital transformation.

Claravine plans to use the newly acquired funding to bring on more team members as well as bolster R&D for their products. To learn amore about Claravine, visit

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