ClientSuccess Raises $2M

With the shift in SaaS businesses to focus much more on retention, expansion and growth, ClientSuccess is positioned extremely well to help our customers be more strategic in those efforts.

American Fork-based ClientSuccess has raised an additional $2 million in seed funding led by Peak Ventures and Techstars Ventures, with participation from Seven Peaks Ventures, Select Ventures, Bialla Venture Partners, Cory Reid, Josh James, Scott Dorsey, Robb Kunz, LaunchCapital and Service Provider Capital Fund.

“The funding will accelerate our pace as we execute on our vision of helping companies build a culture of customer success,” said ClientSuccess Founder/CEO Dave Blake. “We’ll invest significantly in sales and marketing, as well as product development and innovation along our product roadmap. Over the last year we’ve built a very healthy and robust business while staying largely under the radar. Now we intend to be more aggressive in our go-to-market strategy.”

When it comes to success between a business and their clients, there are basically two options. Option number one is cut-and-dry — a business signs a client, pats itself on the back, and treats the relationship moving forward as something in the past rather than something to be continually strengthened. The thought process behind this is the disease-of-more concept where signing a client is the only goal, once that has happened it’s onto the next client. You always need more, leaving you no time to concentrate on what you already have. Spoiler alert: if you embrace option number one, you are a bad business.

Option number two is the soothing alternative. A business signs a client and then dedicates time, effort, and resources towards giving that client everything they could ever need or want. While there is always going to be a push for new clientele, the business realizes that providing current customers with a positive experience is incredibly important in building both a reputation and a strong foundation. Spoiler alert: if you embrace option number two, you are a good business.

So who is ClientSuccess? They’re a company that cares about success between a business and their clients — this is the literal definition of their name, I shouldn’t have to tell you that. They’re also a company that embraces option two in the above scenario, providing the tools for businesses to maintain and strengthen their existing customer base. They’re proactive rather than reactive, focused on providing clients the answers to their problems before the problem as even arisen. Clients can’t slip through the cracks because ClientSuccess’ platform won’t allow it, monitoring the health of a business relationship through peaks and valleys, with an app (SuccessCycle) designed to power through the complete lifecycle of a business and client, from onboarding to renewal. ClientSuccess guides you through the process of managing a customer relationship, learning and adapting to your habits and preferences over time.

“I founded ClientSuccess to solve a problem I experienced first-hand leading large customer success organizations at Omniture/Adobe,” Blake said. “We never had a solution tailored for our team, to help us proactively manage our customers based on best practice methodology and have focused analytics and insights around customer health, risk and opportunity for growth. With the shift in SaaS businesses to focus much more on retention, expansion and growth, ClientSuccess is positioned extremely well to help our customers be more strategic in those efforts.”

Published 10/28/2015

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