Doba Acquired By Focus Technology Company

We believe our integration with Doba will provide a massive opportunity in the ecommerce industry.

We’ve reached threat level orange on the “Utah companies being acquired” chart: Lehi-based Doba has been acquired by Focus Technology Co., the parent company of USA.

Remember when you were in school and the teacher would identify a concept, then ask anyone in the class to raise their hand who didn’t understand? Then everyone would look around nervously, praying to the heavens that someone else would raise their hand? But nobody would so class would continue and 95% of the students would have no idea what was happening?

As a beloved Beehive Startups reader, I’m not going to force you into this situation by asking you what drop shipping is and how it applies to Doba. Instead, as any patient teacher should do, I’m going to explain in the simplest terms possible:

Drop shipping is when a retailer doesn’t have stock or inventory, instead buying products through a third party (wholesales suppliers) and shipping them directly to the customer. Doba enters the drop shipping equation by providing a platform to easily connect retailers and wholesale suppliers, thus encouraging the actual process of drop shipping. By joining forces with, the brand and product list Doba can offer grows exponentially, which again encourages the actual process of drop shipping.

If you don’t understand this, please raise your hand (waits while class nervously fidgets). Good, let’s move on.

“Quick discovery of new brands and product lines to sell is essential to growing an ecommerce business,” Brandon Delgrosso, CEO at Doba, said in a statement. “With the combination of our platform, and’s considerable network of Chinese suppliers, we are confident Doba will become the industry leading marketplace for trading partners and online retailers to efficiently conduct business globally. Ultimately, we want to simplify and accelerate cross border commerce.”

So I know your next question: what constitutes threat level orange? Well, threat level orange is defined by the government as at least four Utah-based companies being acquired by outsiders within one month. Doba joins DevMountain (acquired by Capella), Jaybird (acquired by Logitech), and inContact (acquired by NICE Systems) as the fourth, any more Utah-based acquisitions and threat level red becomes imminent. In the event that this happens, I advise seeking shelter in the nearest business bunker until the storm of acquisitions has passed. Until then, enjoy your day.

“We believe our integration with Doba will provide a massive opportunity in the ecommerce industry,” said John Shen, CEO of Focus Technology Co. “Our companies will connect retailers and global trading partners at a near unprecedented scale, fueling tremendous business growth through a single, unified platform.”

Published 5/19/2016

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