Eastwind Networks Raises $5.5M Seed Extension Round Led By Signal Peak

Eastwind Networks is leading a new approach to tackling the complexity of the modern cybersecurity paradigm.

SLC-based Eastwind Networks has announced a $5.5 million seed extension round led by Signal Peak Ventures with additional participation from Cybersecurity Investments LLC, bringing the total seed funding to $6.5 million.

“Eastwind Networks is leading a new approach to tackling the complexity of the modern cybersecurity paradigm,” Ron Heinz, managing director at Signal Peak Ventures, said in a statement. “Enterprises and government agencies are looking for a new way forward in the 21st century security landscape — Eastwind goes beyond inside perimeter protections to catch hackers before they commit a breach, and that is precisely where most other security products fail. We believe in their approach to differentiation from other cybersecurity competitors, and more importantly, we believe in the leadership team led by Paul Kraus and the team he has assembled.”

Before you continue, I have some assigned reading. First, our profile on Eastwind where we spoke with CEO Paul Kraus about coming out of stealth mode, unique breach detection methods, and their relationship with Signal Peak (Eastwind is the only seed company currently in their portfolio) that dates back a long, long ways. Second, an article from Kraus himself (published on Beehive) listing the reasons Utah is the next big cybersecurity incubator.

Now that you’re fully caught up on Eastwind’s mission and the relevance of cybersecurity to Utah, it’s time for a little lighter reading. Here’s a funding poem I wrote in honor of the seed extension, please enjoy.

When The Wind Blows East

when the wind blows east 
hackers hide 
they know the end is near

see their screaming faces 
active breach detection 
closes in

if you think information is safe 
you haven’t met 2016 
danger lurks 
at every curve

no one is safe 
no one is sound
 though a remedy exists 
to strengthen walls of fire

it is patient
 in defending data 
waiting 13 months or more
 to asses what is real and what is not

when the wind blows east 
VCs emerge 
they know the beginning is here

Published 7/21/2016

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