Engineering Market Strategy in 2021

This article was published in the Winter 2021 issue

by Ari Monkarsh, Founder, MarCore Group

When problems come at us at the speed of business, they often seem unsolvable, unapproachable, or leave us gasping for breath on how to solve them. The triumphs and failures in business have sculpted me into the unstoppable force that meets an immovable object I am today.

I moved to Utah from Orange County, California after a failed exit that was out of my control (subsequently the last time I ever had that small of a percentage of a company I was involved in). I planned to grow a company here for a few years and then move back to California. Two years turned into four, then eight, then 11, and what can I say, I fell in love with Utah and it is now my home. The level of talent here in tech and marketing is special, like our outdoor recreation opportunities, and like many other things, Utah has definitely received more than its equal share of both.

Utah’s confluence of technology and talent created the perfect environment to launch the MarCore Group.

MarCore is dedicated to developing and executing digital marketing strategies in an ever-evolving environment. We rely on age-old marketing wisdom and proven strategies delivered the way the customer demands - quickly and amplified by maximizing technology.

The talent collaborative at MarCore isolates and strengthens areas of weakness or low bandwidth in a company and charges a sustainable path forward for long-term brand asset and revenue growth. Our team steps in, creates, and helps deploy proven strategies. That propels a business into growth mode, and we love growth.

We've modeled MarCore with a few areas of expertise:

· Web Development/Brand Development

· Search, Social, Video Advertising, and Public Relations.

· AI, Augmented Reality, and Neurological Science.

· Building long-term marketing assets that drive value continuously

This model has worked well for us. We've partnered with a select group of foundations, private equity groups, direct-to-consumer brands, and startups to maximize each one's resources and accelerate their growth.

We love when companies who want to grow and innovate find us and ask for help to transform their concepts into unique solutions that drive business results. We incorporate AI, Augmented Reality, and neurological science in ways most industries haven’t even scratched the surface. What that means for the companies we partner with is a unique competitive edge in a world filled with business as usual. We aim to leave everyone else scratching their heads while we push businesses to new heights.

In 2021 and beyond, the fusion of new technology with the art of advertising allows us to create bigger audiences, engage them deeper, and capture attention longer.

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