Everything Is Becoming Heated And It’s Because Of Ravean

We are an urban fashion brand specializing in heated apparel.

There are people in this world who willingly forego the warm comfort of their beds to spend nights sleeping outside. In nature. Where there are bugs. And rocks. And it’s cold. I know. It’s hard to believe. What’s even harder to believe, is that when you meet one of these people, they are not insane like you would expect. Instead they seem to have an innate coolness. The men pull off beards, the women successfully wear beanies without looking like infants, and they all have this enviable presence about them like they understand nature and in turn nature respects them. This aura is only enhanced by the gear they all have on hand at any given time and for many avid campers, that gear includes Ravean products.

“We are an urban fashion brand specializing in heated apparel,” explains Ravean founder Bryce Fisher. Fisher and his cofounders Jonathan Bybee, Henry Deutsch, and Ezra Kwong launched Ravean about eight months ago. The Kickstarter campaign for Ravean’s first product, The World’s First Heated Down Jacket, raised $1,330,293. Their goal was $100,000. That success led the founders to start their sub company Seven Figure Funding, which helps other entrepreneurs launch Kickstart campaigns. “We know how to market and drive people to buy Kickstarter products,” Fisher says, which is evidenced in their latest campaign for the Heated Sleeping Bag Liner that has raised $164,262 for a goal of $20,000.

The liner allows campers, those mysterious creatures that they are, to use the Ravean heat technology in their current sleeping bags and keep from freezing their buns off during those overnight adventures outside. The liner is available in the simple version or the wearable version, which has sleeves and a hood. Both options provide temperature control, are water resistant, watchable, portable, adjustable, and allow you to charge your devices.

“We’d like to grow a very big fashion apparel brand,” Fisher says, and it seems he and his company are well on their way to doing just that. This fall they will release the second version of their jacket and are launching their private label program to allow other companies to access Ravean technology.

So the next time you come across one of those beings who smells faintly of campfire and confidence, you’ll probably notice a Ravean label somewhere on their person and you’ll wonder if you can ever be as cool as they.

Published 7/18/2016

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