Experticity Gets You

We feel like commerce is really at a moment to be transformed.

Experticity has an appreciation for….how do I put this delicately…freaks. Freaks and geeks. And we’re all a freak or geek about one thing or another, aren’t we? We all have that one thing that, if asked about, we’ll spend hours explaining until we’ve made the asker wish they’d never asked.

Your enthusiasm for organic hummus or the finest alpaca wool may not help you make friends at parties, but you can bet you’ll find a friend in Experticity. Experticity gets you. They know that it’s people like you who influence commerce, whether consumers realize it or not. Your passion for photography or Pokemon or whatever influences the customer looking for a camera or a Pokemon…whatever…you’re the Pokemon expert, not me. Companies have always known it’s the nuts like you that influence transactions, they just haven’t known how to tap into your particular set of skills. Until now.

Experticity finds brand enthusiasts and transforms them into trusted recommenders. They provide education about the brand the enthusiast loves so much, offers him/her wholesale access to the brand products, and deploys the now trusted recommender into the world to help customers feel product passion, and help the brand improve business.

“We feel like commerce is really at a moment to be transformed,” says Experticity founder Tom Stockham. “Today we work with over 700 brands. They pay us to build these networks of trusted recommenders. We have half a million of these experts and we hope to change commerce by making it possible to connect with inspiring recommenders.”

If there’s anyone who can change commerce, it’s Tom Stockham.

Remember back in the day when buying tickets to a concert meant purchasing actual paper tickets? That was the worst, right? Well we have Stockham to thank for Ticketmaster, which revolutionized barcode technology and made going to concerts much less of a papercut hazard. Remember when researching family history meant going to a dusty library and searching for records? Yeah, me neither, but I bet responsible people do, and those responsible people have Stockham to thank for

“Every company that I’ve been involved with so far has had an opportunity to revolutionize an industry and get out in front of things,” Stockham says.

Experticity has already helped revolutionized the shopping experience, and Stockham with his company(ies) has helped revolutionize the Utah startup scene. “Utah is awesome. I love Utah,” Stockham says. “The people, the companies, and the products…it’s exciting as it’s ever been.”

Published 9/9/2015

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