That’s what we’re looking to do with the app, a simple way to see what’s close by, get a deal and try it out, and continue to get rewards with the loyalty system.

If there is one thing that Thanksgiving is designed to teach us, it’s this: food is awesome. Like, super awesome. This doesn’t just apply to the tail end of November, where the tantalizing combination of food and football is enough to cure a person of all that ails. Food is awesome year-round for a wide variety of reasons, an expression of celebration with your friends, a way to experience new places and cultures, belly-busting, saliva-inducing goodness at its absolute finest.

Years ago, Glen Womble created FavoriteEats as a way to capitalize on people’s love for food. Originally an iPhone app built to eliminate the need for loyalty cards at every restaurant, FavoriteEats transitioned to a kiosk system that was placed within each restaurant, where customers could type their phone number in after every purchase and accumulate loyalty points simply by remembering 10 digits. Restaurants could in turn notify customers of deals through text message and track individual consumer statistics, so everybody wins.

Now, FavoriteEats is going back to the beginning.

“We’re coming full-circle,” Womble said. “Over the past couple of years, restaurants using our customer-based kiosk systems have been saying this is great for their current customers — they love it, it’s convenient, especially marketing via text. But the holy grail is an effective way to acquire new customers.”

The holy grail is a newly launched app for Android and iTunes that allows users to continue tracking loyalty points at every food stop, but also exposes them to restaurants in the area they’ve never eaten at before. As a reward for trying out a new place, users can take advantage of first-time deals available within the app ($5 off a $10 purchase, that sort of thing). Now restaurants can attract new business, food lovers can try new places, and again, everybody wins.

“Our app shows all of our restaurants that are in the area,” Womble said. “All of our restaurants offer new, first-time customers a deal for trying them out for the first time. When people are trying to decide where to eat, they don’t really care about random people’s reviews on Yelp. They want to know what is close by and what looks good. That’s what we’re looking to do with the app, a simple way to see what’s close by, get a deal and try it out, and continue to get rewards with the loyalty system.”

To celebrate launching the new app, FavoriteEats is giving away $1,000 worth of free meals at participating restaurants. All you need to do is download the app, sign up, and you’re on your way. If Thanksgiving shows us that food is awesome, then FavoriteEats is showing that free food is even more awesome.

Published 12/4/2015