Finalists Announced For 2016 Crowdfund Hero Competition

We added the Crowdfund Hero Competition to this year’s conference to help budding entrepreneurs with innovative technologies get additional exposure and a little money.

On April 28 at the Salt Lake Community College campus, the 2016 Utah Crowdfunding Conference will commence. As part of the event, the Crowdfund Hero Competition will offer individuals the opportunity to earn real money according to the amount of interest generated at the conference. Here’s how it works — all attendees will be given a stack of Crowd Dollars at check-in and they can distribute them to whatever companies they see fit. At the end of the competition, each contestant can exchange Crowd Dollars for real dollars at a 1:1 ratio. Thus fake money becomes real money, like Monopoly come to life.

“We added the Crowdfund Hero Competition to this year’s conference to help budding entrepreneurs with innovative technologies get additional exposure and a little money,” said Bryce Hansen, Assistant Director of the Salt Lake Small Business Development Center. “The icing on the cake is that some of these products could become big winners in the market. We are all about supporting the Utah entrepreneur.”

For those of you waiting on pins and needles, I won’t get in the way. Here is the official finalist list for the 2016 Crowdfund Hero Competition, with descriptions provided via the Utah Crowdfunding Conference:

Ad Hitch Marketing by Ross Bottomly

ADHITCH Digital is a patented Mobile Digital Billboard that fits into the 2 “ hitch receiver of any vehicle, utilizing the hitch receiver on any vehicle for any kind of signage.

Bee Scientific by Joshua McKeachnie

The Bee Barrel is an innovative beekeeping system designed to simplify hive inspections, cut out burr comb, lower propolis, and make honey collection fast, without expensive equipment.

Daplie by Bryson Hill & AJ ONeal

Daplie’s “Cloud” stores data and controls connected devices via its own infrastructure and is accessible from an owner-chosen domain name. Rather than data passing through and being stored on service-provider servers, subject to terms of service, Cloud is the first infrastructure to put the owner in absolute control of the services they use and devices they own in the next step of the internet of everything.

DayPunch by Tony Wightman

KIDS Calendar of Surprises. It is a toy, a game, a book, a kit, a punchboard and a calendar. Simply use the ‘key’ to punch out a date…then discover the secret message that pops out the back.

I-Cubed by Evette Higley

This product’s innovative design, weighing less than 3 lbs, holds lawn bags and laundry bags up and open while they’re being filled. When the bag is full, magnets are released and the frame is lifted off the bag, eliminating the need to fight to get the bag out of garbage cans or other containers.

LimbleCMMS by Bryan Christiansen

LimbleCMMS is asset management and maintenance software that is designed to help extend critical asset’s life by upwards of 20% and lower the time spent performing maintenance tasks, allowing maintenance technicians to have their entire organization’s maintenance and asset information in their pocket enabling them to do a better job quicker.

Lumist Oral Care by Michael Norgrant

We have adapted that professional grade teeth whitening strip technology for the retail market to create an entirely new way to whiten your teeth for the consumer market. Lumist has a patent pending formula that whitens your teeth in one third of the time that it takes most other strips. 5 shades whiter in 5 days.

Mini Massage Table by Tim Cella

The Mini Massage Table innovative design converts any bed into a massage table, easily attaching to the edge of the bed and supporting itself from the boxspring underneath. The product can also be used on the floor.

Road Trip by Shane Petersen

The technology is a portable media server that allows you to sync from your digital movie library and stream on-the-go your favorite movies up to eight devices simultaneously. No internet connection required.

Sound of Color by Carole Helt

The company has developed a unique system of art instruction by uniting two international languages — art and music. This innovative product, known by the company name, Sound of Color, is tailored towards children in grades K-6, but is enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Utah Crowdfunding Conference is Utah’s largest and most comprehensive crowdfunding conference, covering rewards-based crowdfunding and investment-based crowdfunding. Tickets are currently at the Early-Bird Rate of $33.95. Starting April 25, the tickets go up to $41.95.

You can find out more about the conference here or by contacting Bryce Hansen at

Published 4/21/2016

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