For Shooters, By Shooters — Rēkon Releases New Shooting App

Rēkon connects shooters everywhere in the world in ways that we’ve been dreaming of for years.

I’m going to come right out and say it: I’m an absolute sucker for stats. Was I once a 12-year-old nerd pouring through newspaper boxscores and keeping my own notes on each team’s statistical strengths and weaknesses? You bet, because stats are awesome. Nowadays, the data revolution is giving rise to a world that I never thought possible, where every conceivable statistic is one click away and the ability to share information with one another is at an alltime high.

For all of you gun shooting enthusiasts, I have a question: Wouldn’t you like an app that allows you track your own statistics, participate in challenges against users across the world, and connect socially with other firearm lovers? The four co-founders of Lehi-based Rēkon — Dan Larkin, Austin Overman, Pete Larkin, and Jeremy Smith — are betting that you do.

“Since the advent of sport shooting, firearm enthusiasts haven’t had a way to elevate their skills, compete against other shooters, and brag about their experience through a fully-customized mobile app,” said Overman. “Rēkon connects shooters everywhere in the world in ways that we’ve been dreaming of for years.”

First and foremost, Rēkon allows you to track advanced shooting statistics. This is done through the Fire Session feature, where users apply this technology to measure performance — firearm used, accuracy, precision, minute of angle, average spread, distance to target, etc. Not only can this information be used to hone in on areas of improvement, you can now definitively prove to friends that their claims of consistently hitting the bullseye are actually lies.

This leads into another of Rēkon’s features — the ability to issue and accept challenges. This can be as simple as creating a group for your friends, or complex as challenging people throughout the world in shooting competitions. One of the reasons statistics are awesome is because you can quantifiably prove you are better than someone else. Who doesn’t want to see their name atop a leaderboard?

No app would be complete without a social media-type community and Rēkon is no different. The Fire Feed allows users to connect within the shooting community, providing a platform to send/receive private messages, post photos and videos, share accomplishments, and other similar things. You can also find shooters in your area, meet up, and shoot things together — everybody wins.

*Rēkon is now available in the App Store. *You can download it here.

Published 2/10/2016

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