For Solutionreach, 2018 Was All About The Future

This article appears in the Winter 2019 issue of Silicon Slopes Magazine.

By Jim Higgins, Founder and CEO, Solutionreach.

Solutionreach has been around for nearly 20 years, and we haven’t gotten here by accident. It’s taken a lot of hard work, a little risk, and no small amount of planning and thinking about the future.

This past year was all about next year. And years beyond that. To position the company for long-term steady growth, Solutionreach has been focused on investing in our people, technology, and customer success.

Way More than Benefits

While we're always focused on how we serve the healthcare industry, 2018 was also a time to focus on how we serve our own people. It’s more than just benefits. It’s about ensuring that we hire the right people who are a good fit and give them opportunities for growth.

We’ve established Solutionreach as an exclusive employer in the Silicon Slopes. We're not for everyone, and we wear that as a badge of honor. We want the best of the best. And in return, we give them an opportunity to develop their skills and make a very real impact.

To become that employer of choice we added to and expanded upon our benefits and growth opportunities. We also made a commitment to supporting diversity in our workplace so that we can recruit the most talented team in our industry.

Balancing Invention and Innovation

Solutionreach was the first patient relationship management (PRM) company and sent the first text in healthcare. We’re committed to being the leader in this industry and improving the healthcare experience for patients and their providers.

So this year we focused on tipping the balance more from invention to innovation. Innovation is creating a new use for or improving something that already exists. In the past, we’ve focused on invention (creating new products), but we are now taking a more balanced approach. We are rethinking and drastically improving existing features and functionality while also inventing new solutions.

We like to think of our own product as our greatest competitor. Our goal is to challenge the status quo and disrupt ourselves, as well as the PRM industry.

How do we get there? By moving to a completely new cloud-native architecture and recruiting top tech talent to bring the best ideas and the skills to execute on them. And, we are working with strategic technology partners in various areas to expedite our innovation and continue inventing.

A Fresh Look at Customer Success

In 2018, Solutionreach took a fresh look at what really drives success for our customers. The result was a shift in the way we engage with our customer base, taking a more data-driven approach to the way we market, sell, onboard, and continually show value to our customers.

This change was based on data from 20 years of working with tens of thousands of successful practices. It aligns the goals and metrics of our customers with the product features and best practices that we’ve seen will lead to the best outcomes. The changes to how we sell Solutionreach and onboard new customers have helped create more value faster and feedback has been positive, with a 90 percent increase in post-onboarding net promoter score (NPS).

The next 20 years are sure to be vastly different than the first 20. But our “future first” mindset in 2018 has us better positioned than ever for continued growth and success.

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