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Silicon Slopes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization empowering Utah’s startup and tech community to learn, connect, and serve. So what exactly does that mean? And how can you and your company get involved? You’ve come to the right place for answers.

Let’s start by breaking down what we mean by empowering Utah’s startup and tech community to learn, connect, and serve.


Silicon Slopes is the voice of Utah’s startup and tech community. Silicon Slopes reaches a unique audience of more than 250,000 on a monthly basis through our various media channels and properties. We publish daily on, bi-weekly through our newsletter, quarterly through our widely distributed magazine, and produce a popular bi-weekly podcast.

Led by a team of talented writers, Silicon Slopes conducts extensive reporting on the most important startup and tech news in Utah. We tell the story of what’s happening in Silicon Slopes to those within our community and to the rest of the world. We’re consistently publishing in-depth features on the most compelling entrepreneurs, companies, leaders, and news in Silicon Slopes.


Silicon Slopes is the hub of Utah’s startup and tech community. Spanning from Logan to St. George, Silicon Slopes is a state-wide organization and the official moniker of Utah’s startup and tech community. We have chapters in every region of the state, as well as chapters focused on specific topics/sectors within the community. These chapters allow anyone to join and engage with the Silicon Slopes community as broadly or as tailored to their specific interests as they’d like.

Silicon Slopes organizes and hosts more than 200 events annually, including Silicon Slopes Summit. Silicon Slopes events attract more than 40,000 total attendees over the course of a year. Silicon Slopes Summit is a globally recognized two-day summit organized and hosted by the Silicon Slopes organization. With some of the most prominent and leading minds in the tech industry taking the stage, Silicon Slopes Summit is one of the largest and most prominent annual business & tech events in the world, bringing out more than 15,000 attendees.


Silicon Slopes is the heart of Utah’s startup and tech community. With more than 6,500 startup and tech companies in Utah, Silicon Slopes is home to entrepreneurs and leaders who have earned global recognition through hard work, a focus on building exceptional companies, and a willingness to give back and serve others.

Silicon Slopes believes opportunity only exists to all if we’re willing to extend it to all. We have a responsibility to ensure the Silicon Slopes don’t rise while the rest of Utah falls or remains stagnant. Through initiatives like getting computer science in every Utah school and with 5 For The Fight as our official charity, Silicon Slopes rallies Utah’s startup and tech community to give back and serve in order to improve the lives of everyone in our state and beyond.

Get Involved

Silicon Slopes is an organization and community that is open and welcoming to everyone without regard to religion, race, gender, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or origin of birth. There are many ways to engage with our community. We want everyone to get involved with Silicon Slopes, and we have many ways to do so:


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