Go Solar Group Launches National Expansion by Retaining Titan Solar Power for all Installations Nationwide

Often the best way to find success is to focus, especially to focus on the things that you're really good at.

And a press announcement late last week from Salt Lake City-based Go Solar Group sounds like a prime example of such an approach.

Specifically, regionally focused Go Solar has entered into an exclusive national installation agreement with Titan Solar Power of Mesa, Arizona.

Under terms of the agreement, Go Solar will immediately expand its footprint beyond its existing offices in

  • Salt Lake City;
  • Reno, Nevada;
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico; and
  • San Antonio, Texas

to include residential and commercial sales efforts in

  1. Arizona,
  2. California,
  3. Colorado,
  4. Florida,
  5. Georgia,
  6. Illinois,
  7. Missouri,
  8. New Jersey,
  9. North Carolina,
  10. South Carolina, and
  11. Virginia,

due to the crews on the ground Titan already has in these 11 states.

Additionally, Titan plans to expand its installation footprint into

  • Alabama,
  • Arkansas,
  • Louisiana,
  • Nebraska,
  • Oklahoma, and
  • Tennessee

in 2022, giving Go Solar an even broader national market for its sales endeavors.

During its 11-year history, Go Solar has had as many as 150 employees as it had ramped-up to handle all aspects of the solar industry, from sales to installations and customer support.

With this new agreement in place with Titan, Go Solar's Marketing VP, James O'Connor, tells me they expect their headcount to level out at close to 50 employees.

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