GoReact Raises $4M From Five Elms Capital

GoReact has built an amazing platform, assembled a fantastic team, and has executed at scale.

Orem-based GoReact has raised a $4 million growth investment from Five Elms Capital.

“GoReact has built an amazing platform, assembled a fantastic team, and has executed at scale,” Joe Onofrio, partner at Five Elms Capital, said in a statement. “We could not be more excited to support them as they continue to grow rapidly.”

GoReact has spent the last three years perfecting their online video feedback platform, originally created for student/teacher presentations and expanded to encompass everything from sales training to law enforcement to sign language. A $4 million growth investment represents a major vote of confidence as they continue to expand options for video-based skill development.

“GoReact is changing how teachers and mentors are able to coach and assess performance-based skills,” said GoReact CEO Ken Meyers. “Our platform streamlines the learning process and allows users to improve their performance skills faster than ever before.”

Published 3/29/2016

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