Habitat Logan Is Officially Open, Cache Valley Now Has A Fully Operational Coworking Space

Once they see it and talk to our existing members, I’m confident they will see the benefits of working in a space like ours.”

Logan, Utah has many great things. They have a perennially good men’s college basketball squad, they have an incredibly beautiful and boundless outdoor scene, and they can claim Beehive Startups’ most talented and handsome writer as a former inhabitant. But what they lack is coworking space options, where entrepreneurs can pay a monthly fee to chill and work on all of the endless ideas marinating in their skulls. At least, until now….DUN DUN DUN.

Habitat Logan was recently opened to fill that longing void in the heart of every entrepreneur in the Cache Valley area. They are having a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 17 to celebrate the milestone, so let the fun begin.

“Logan and Cache Valley as a whole are both great places to start a business,” said Rick Champlin, founder of Habitat Logan. “The tech and finance sectors are growing here, crime is extremely low, the population is well educated with 47% of Logan having a bachelor’s degree or higher. It’s a great place to live and raise a family.”

Champlin began working on the idea for Habitat Logan nearly two years ago, inspired by his time working out of Startup Ogden.

“When I transitioned from working at home to the coworking space in Ogden, I was amazed at the increased productivity, focus, learning, skills, and growth that the environment enabled,” said Champlin. “The collaboration and help from other members was invaluable. Everyone in the space was open and helpful and I learned a lot about my trade and how to run a more successful business. So when I moved back to Logan I selfishly decided that I needed that same environment here.”

Selfish reasons or not, Logan now has a place where people can harness those feelings of productivity, focus, and everything else that comes from having access to a dedicated workspace. Members can reserve their own slice for a monthly fee — multiple options are available, depending on how private a space you need — and from there, it’s time to work. Or relax. Or play ping pong. The point is, in a coworking space you can do whatever you want.

“Coworking is a new concept to most of the residents of Cache Valley so we have to work on educating our market,” said Champlin. “Once they see it and talk to our existing members, I’m confident they will see the benefits of working in a space like ours.”

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