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This article was published in the Spring 2022
By Scott Paul, Cofounder, Convoi Ventures

What’s a day in the life of a full time angel investor in Utah? I’m not sure there are many of me here in the Beehive State, most angel investors are running companies or practicing medicine or something. But this is my day.

It starts with posting to Linkedin. I have done this every single day for over a year. I have loads of content stored up on my phone and I will share something I learned, a company I love, or an event coming up. There is always something to share and people don’t mind waking up to some content that is Utah related in some way.

Next I get on my Volley app (local, of course) to have conversations with hundreds of founders and partners. Because it’s asynchronous I don't have to plan a time, I just work when I want and can listen to conversations at 2x speed. I am able to manage 20x the amount of relationships that other angels or investors do on hour long Zoom calls or meeting people in person.

Next I usually have my onewheel and wigs in my car and I ride around wherever I may be for that day. I love the feeling of my long hair blowing around as I cruise the streets at 15mph surfing on cement. I am able to have friends and founders on the onewheel because I bring extra to teach. It redefines “board” meetings.

I love to eat with people at all of our fresh new dining experiences in Utah. Every day, at least once, I try to eat with founders and friends in SLC or Park City or Lehi. Although Utah doesn’t have a lively scene after 8pm, things seem to be shifting and I think that’s changing over the next few years. I am seeing amazing proposals for tons of after-work experiences.

I attend events almost every day.  I love events more than anything because post-covid the energy is new and different than before.  People are ready for the unexpected and nothing is impossible. There are so many events and communities now for whatever you are interested in. I feel these are where the real continual education comes in. I take my kids to as many as I’m able so they can meet the founders and dreamers and be inspired by the projects people are working on.

The worst part of my day as a full time angel investor is when it's over or when I have to tell a company no. I wish there was enough money to back every single individual who wants to pursue their idea. I really think Utah may be able to create a fund and be a state that does more angel and seed investing than anywhere else in the world. We could bring people from the world over to settle and start in Utah and become the most friendly place for ideas to grow.

I spend everyday sharing and shilling Utah companies and their products. It is so easy to do because we have something in every category that is making news. Shoes?  Kizik. Meta Shoes? RTFKT that just got bought by Nike. Want crypto? We have 50 or more Web3 companies here and they are all thriving. Taxbit and Giddy are two that I am close to. Do you want to ski? That's obvious. Our outdoor industry is second to none.

So there you go.  Life in Utah is unbeatable and it’s where you want to be if you are investing in dreamers.

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