HireVue to expand, create 540 new jobs in Utah


By Joey Ferguson

SALT LAKE CITY — Digital interview provider HireVue plans to add 540 jobs in Utah through its expansion into Salt Lake County, according to a statement from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

HireVue plans to pay out more than $172 million in new state wages with the 540 openings over the next seven years. The company is investing $30 million in capital expansion, according to the statement.

“HireVue’s digital interview platform is a great example of Utah’s IT sector continuing to find ways to use innovative technology to improve business,” Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert said in a statement. “With HireVue and other software companies expanding in the state, we continue to hear the term ‘Silicon Slopes’ — referring to the rapid growth of Utah’s IT industry at the base of our world-renowned mountains.”

HireVue currently employs 100 people in its South Jordan facility.

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