Homie And KSL Homes Announce New Partnership

If you’re buying or selling a home in Utah, options just expanded.

If you’ve lived in Utah for any amount of time you’re probably familiar with KSL Homes, one of our state’s most well-known resources when it comes to buying or selling a home. You may be a little less familiar with Homie — because they’ve only existed for roughly two years, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t becoming deeply ingrained in the Utah housing market.

With their software platform, Homie essentially eliminates the agent from real estate transactions, allowing buyers and sellers to save large amounts of money (on average about $8,000) that usually goes toward agent fees. Think TurboTax but for real estate — a platform that understands the legal and technical nuances of buying/selling houses, and walks users through that process in a way that everyone can understand.

“KSL Homes has historically been a great platform for individuals to promote their home on their own,” said Eric Bright, VP of Marketplace Commerce at Deseret Digital Media. “Partnering with Homie gives our DIY customers more tools to not just market their property on KSL Homes, but to successfully sell it. We’ve been really pleased with how Homie software and attorneys provide quick and transparent advice and tools to guide our customers through the whole sales process.”

This partnership is a dream for the aforementioned do-it-yourself customers. KSL Homes already offers a site visited by millions each month. Now these visitors have expanded options — buyers can schedule tours and make offers directly to the homeowner/agent, while sellers that upgrade through Homie have more doors opened including prominent placement on KSL Homes, assistance with legal paperwork, professional photography, call screening, home value report, a yard sign with solar-powered lighting, and additional advertising exposure on other home search sites.

In two years Homie has made a name for itself in the Utah market, saving nearly $4 million for buyers and sellers while raising a $4.5 million seed round to help accelerate business. Next stop is today’s partnership with KSL Homes and after that, expansion outside the state.

“It’s been extremely rewarding to offer a service that has such a significant impact on the lives of Utahns,” said Bright. “This was a major influence in our decision to partner with Homie.”

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