How And When To Pitch Silicon Slopes Your Story

The stories most prominently featured on can be broken down into four categories: News, Features, Community Board, and Community Voice. Stories published inside News and Features are written exclusively by the Silicon Slopes team. Stories published inside Community Board and Community Voice are, as their names suggest, generated by the Silicon Slopes community.

Below is a breakdown of each category, and some tips on how/when to pitch your story to our team.


  • Reporting on important or timely news
  • Company funding
  • Acquisitions
  • IPOs

If you have news or tips that falls into one of these categories, contact Press releases and prior information is always helpful, but access to a company executive for a phone interview is a must when it comes to funding, acquisition, and IPO news. We don’t publish press releases.


  • In-depth profiles on startups/companies/organizations.
  • In-depth profiles on entrepreneurs/community leaders.
  • In-depth analysis on community issues (for example, our 3-part series on women in tech).
  • “State of _” types of reports (for example, “State of Venture Capital in Utah” outlining how much venture capital was invested the past year, “Assessing Utah’s Talent Shortage” outlining how much talent is coming from out-of-state as opposed to home grown, etc.)**

If you know of someone or some thing that falls into these categories, contact The more information you can provide beforehand (company info, media assets, etc.) the better, in addition to ensuring founder/CEO/executive availability for an interview. Again, we don’t publish press releases.

Community Voice

Silicon Slopes exists to empower Utah startups and entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and serve. Providing prominent Utah entrepreneurs and community leaders the opportunity to teach and share their experiences with our vast audience helps us accomplish this mission. Community Voice contributors are also provided with an audience and outlet that reaches both inside and outside of Utah to help showcase our vibrant and flourishing startup and tech community on the world stage.

Community Voice offers Utah entrepreneurs the opportunity to communicate directly to the Silicon Slopes audience. In particular, our audience appreciates reading advice columns, “how-to” articles, war stories, “lessons learned” articles, “failure” stories, and opinion pieces on issues relevant to our community.

Click here for more details on publishing on our Community Voice channel.

Community Board

The Silicon Slopes Community Board is a community-driven effort to keep up-to-date on everything happening within Utah’s startup and tech community.

Silicon Slopes exists to empower Utah’s startup and tech community to learn, connect, and serve. The Community Board allows individuals, companies, and organizations to provide general updates about upcoming events and other relevant community-centric announcements.

Click here for more details on publishing on our Community Board channel.

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