Inc. 500 Features 15 Utah Companies

Who was the highest ranked Utah company? (Drum roll)….

Business nerds everywhere rejoiced with the recent release of the Inc. 500/5000 list, designed to rank the fastest growing private companies in America by looking at the percentage of revenue growth over a three year window.

Based upon simple math and the law of averages it can be reasoned that Utah, as one of 50 states in America, should be expected to place 10 companies inside of the Inc. 500. Well I have news for, folks: Utah placed 15 in the top 500, meaning expectations have been exceeded by five whole companies, let’s all head down to Sub Zero to celebrate! Utah also placed 105 companies in the top 5000, exceeding expectations but only slightly, so we only get a small at Sub Zero with no mix-ins.

Who was the highest ranked Utah company? (Drum roll) Legend Solar, who we profiled earlier this year, clocked in at #29 and it seems especially relevant to revisit the opening lines of that article:

“Since its beginning in 2012, Legend Solar has had 400% growth every year. That’s an okay rate, I guess. Just kidding. It’s astounding. Additionally, in 2015 their revenue grew from $3.7 million to $18.3 million, they expanded from St. George to Northern Utah, and they became a SunPower Master Dealer. And yeah, that’s as cool as it sounds.”

Here’s the remaining Utah companies in the Inc. 500:

  1. The Phoenix Recovery & Counseling Centers

  2. Zurixx

  3. PrinterLogic

  4. Lancera

  5. Shopper Approved

  6. Stratton & Bratt

  7. Auric Solar

  8. Jane

  9. Advice Media

  10. 1 Source Business Solutions

  11. ClearSource

  12. Modern Vintage Boutique

  13. Health Catalyst

  14. Pluralsight

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