Learning From the Sol Guide

In my mind, and I think it comes from growing up here in Utah, there is no distinction between my health and my connection to the outdoors.

I’m writing this after spending the entire day indoors. I haven’t seen the sun in eight hours and the only calories I’ve burned come from the clacking of keys and clicking of mice. I also know that this problem of inactivity and indoor dwelling isn’t a problem that I suffer from alone, because every statistic available states America is getting fatter and less-active by the hour.

Melanie Webb entered the world of fitness and outdoors from a young age, with chronic injuries during her teens providing the beginning of her mentoring in the body arts. As she grew older, Webb spent six years training at The Sports Club LA in Washington DC and began bringing clients back to Utah for outdoor adventures. Realizing the growing demand for her blend of fitness and outdoors, Sol Fitness Adventures was formed.

“There aren’t that many people combining fitness and using the outdoors as a fitness space,” Webb said. “My clients wanted something that was very customized to their fitness levels and that combined the two. So we’ll often go somewhere and train, we’ll do stress reduction and breathing meditation, and I’ll combine it with an outdoor activity like stand-up paddling or hiking, whatever is best for the area.”

Webb has been leading outdoor sabbaticals since 2007. She is passionate about fitness and the outdoors, with a belief that combining both can take individuals to an incredibly special place.

“In my mind, and I think it comes from growing up here in Utah, there is no distinction between my health and my connection to the outdoors,” she said.

We know this is the age of technology. Even with a company rooted in fitness and outdoor activity, Webb realizes the importance of embracing the internet age. She has recently set in motion a RallyMe campaign to support the launch of Sol Guide Certification, an online training program designed to teach others the techniques she has learned while leading fitness retreats.

“Sol Guide is the education arm of my company,” she said. “It’s what is going to let me claim territory and share what I’ve been doing with others, give them the tools to start a business too.”

America is getting unhealthier, but Webb hopes to play a small part in changing that mindset. She is passionate about fitness, she is passionate about the outdoors, and she hopes for a future where others can share that feeling.

“My vision is to create more opportunities for other people to access the outdoors and to live a healthy lifestyle,” she said.

Published 7/20/2015

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