Legend Solar Is Now The Official Solar Provider Of BYU Athletics

This will provide energy savings to the athletic department and align well with BYU’s sustainable energy initiatives.”

As you probably know, Legend Solar has been making waves. Earlier this year, they were profiled by the most prestigious startup website in the United States, sporting 400% year over year growth since 2012 under the guidance of co-founders Shaun Alldredge and Shane Perkins. They were then recently elected as the highest ranked Utah-based company in the Inc. 500 (#29 overall), a list dedicated to examining the fastest growing private companies in America.

Now, Legend Solar has another big announcement, signing an agreement to become the official solar provider of BYU athletics. Alldredge and Perkins (alongside their wives, McCall and Talease) attended the September 17 BYU-UCLA game and were presented with game jerseys to commemorate the occasion.

“We are excited to work with BYU Athletics in developing a targeted plan for solar power,“ Alldredge said. “This will provide energy savings to the athletic department and align well with BYU’s sustainable energy initiatives. We admire BYU’s dedication to developing strong athletic programs and are excited to support the program.”

You probably have questions. What does this even mean? Can Legend Solar harvest the sun’s energy and supply it directly into Jamaal Williams’ legs? Will Lavell Edwards Stadium turn into a giant sea of solar panels? Will all this additional energy cause students’ ice cream sundaes to melt too fast?

As part of the agreement, Legend Solar is planning on installing an 800-kilowatt solar power system on BYU’s campus that would save millions of dollars for the athletic department in energy costs. However, there is no truth to the rumor that this energy will be pumped into Jamaal Williams legs or used to melt student’s frozen treats. If things change, I will let you know.

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