Letter from the Editor, Summer 2022 Issue

This article was published in the Silicon Slopes Magazine, Summer 2022
by Emily Fonnesbeck, Editor-In-Chief, Silicon Slopes Magazine

I grew up outside. My childhood home didn’t have air conditioning or cable TV, and my closest friend was what felt like a very long bike ride away. My parents went to work all day, so I spent the summer months with my older brother, entertaining ourselves on our ten acre hobby farm and building forts for his tiny green plastic army men. The two of us were outside most of the day, and when my parents came home we were all outside together, working in the garden, feeding the animals, running foot races (I always won) and when it finally cooled down, resting in the shade.

We rode our horses, camped, hiked, walked, and pedaled in Utah’s outdoors all summer and into the fall. We headed north for the cool green forests and down to the red heat of the south.

In the winter we were out in the snow. Little Cottonwood Canyon was as familiar in the winter as it was in the summer, with its winding roads, softened marshmallow boulders, and black, icy asphalt leading me to the familiar chairlifts of Alta.

The great thing about Utah is that, as far as weather diversity and outdoor activities are concerned, we’ve definitely got it all. As a result, Utah is also a breeder of outdoor gearheads who, in turn, create businesses out of their passions. Some of the best and brightest outdoor brands are hatched right here in Utah, and we’ve gathered quite a few to highlight in this issue.

Personally, I can never acquire too many bags, shoes, jackets, bikes, and outdoor accessories. A new headlamp? I need that. They came out with a new color in my favorite bag? Mine now. Check out the pockets on this new jacket! I might need two. But lately, I’ve been thinking about my outdoor gear consumption differently, and anxiously considering the future world my children and grandchildren will live in. I’ve become a little more conscious of my choices, looking at a company’s commitment to sustainability and green-thinking initiatives before making a purchase.

This issue is packed with Utah companies who are thinking about those same things. On page 40 you’ll be shocked to read how many million metric tons of e-waste is produced by consumers each year and what Skullcandy is doing about it. On page 18, you’ll read about what the Forest Service is doing and what you can do to keep Utah’s forests healthy.

So before you grab that new must-have piece of gear, consider the company, the impact, and whether you really need another flashlight. Utah companies are greener every year, and the team at Silicon Slopes Magazine wants you to know all about it. Let’s live better, Utah—inside and outside.

Emily Fonnesbeck, Editor-In-Chief, Silicon Slopes Magazine

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