Letter from the Editor, Summit 2021 Issue

This article was published in the Summit 2021 issue

by Emily Fonnesbeck, Editor-in-Chief , Silicon Slopes Magazine

The last few months have been a thrilling whirlwind at Silicon Slopes HQ while we busily prepared for Silicon Slopes Summit 2021. It’s an exciting time, and we are continually grateful for the support of colleagues, sponsors, and the entire Silicon Slopes community.

This event is one of the highlights of our year, and we’ve been waiting patiently (about 20 months!) for the time we could gather again. A lot has happened in that time, within Silicon Slopes and outside of it, and we’ve all grown in ways we might not have anticipated. As we have worked this year, we’ve built some unique components to help the Utah community.

We are pleased to announce Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame, Health Plans, Jobs, and Academy. You’ll learn more about these “Treats,” but we’ve included a few details on page 20. It is our hope that these elements will continue to strengthen our community, and that you’ll feel support from Silicon Slopes.

John Bowers, Head of Business & Partnerships at Silicon Slopes, wrote an important column you’ll find on page 10. If you’ve worked with or are in the Utah business community, you’ve probably been asked what makes Utah so special. John’s words, “A Culture of Generosity” echo the thoughts and feelings of the entire Silicon Slopes team.

What does “a culture of generosity” mean to you? To us, it means giving our time, assistance, and resources to those around us whenever we can. Every business was once a startup, and if you’re a founder, I’m sure there are a few things you wish you’d known when you began. Generosity is essential for the rapid growth and success we’ve been able to enjoy in Utah. It’s our secret sauce, and one that we can continue to embrace.

So the next time you need help, don’t be afraid to ask. If you see someone in need of help, be generous.

We’re here together. Feet on the ground, face to the sky, lifting where we stand.

Emily Fonnesbeck, Editor-In-Chief, Silicon Slopes Magazine


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