LionHeart Innovations Joins Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program in Seattle

My main reason for wanting to join is their technology help and support.

There are many reasons to move to Seattle: you like getting rained on literally every day, you want to turn into a coffee snob and/or start talking about how badly people are ruining Mother Earth, or you just want to jump on the bandwagon of an unlikable football team with a noted affection for PED use.

If you’re Tammy Bowers, CEO of Provo-based LionHeart Innovations, there are much better reasons to move to Seattle.

Chosen out of a pool of 500 companies, LionHeart Innovations was recently selected to join the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program in Seattle, an intensive four month journey (March-July) designed to provide startups mentors, technology, access to capital, and niche expertise.

In addition, each accepted company receives $25,000 in no-strings attached money.

“My main reason for wanting to join is their technology help and support,” Bowers said. “We’re releasing beta later this month and we plan on being in the app store by May 9.”

Published 3/26/2015

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