Lucid Software Raises $36M, Please Enjoy This Funding Poem

We think there is real power in visuals, so bringing that visual productivity to the enterprise is a central goal for us.”

SLC-based Lucid Software has announced a $36 million funding round led by Spectrum Equity with participation from existing investors (Kickstart Seed Fund, Greyhawk Capital) and a whole slew of notable Utah angels (Aaron Skonnard of Pluralsight, Ryan Smith of Qualtrics, Josh James of Domo, Tim Sullivan of Ancestry).

“We have a vision of helping people do their best work,” said Dave Grow, COO of Lucid. “We live in a very tech-based society, particularly in the workplace. And we think there is real power in visuals, so bringing that visual productivity to the enterprise is a central goal for us.”

Co-founded by Karl Sun and Ben Dilts, Lucid has made a name for itself over the last six years through two flagship products: Lucidchart, pretty much the easiest way ever to create and share professional flowchart diagrams; and Lucidpress, pretty much the easiest way ever to create dope visual content for print and media. Through the combination of these two products, Lucid has gained enough steam to attract 8,000,000+ users and raise multiple funding rounds, including a $5M Series A round in 2014 that was led by Kickstart.

Lucid offers such a wide range of options that, if one were inclined, they could quickly and easily make a chart weighing the pros and cons of running a quarterback draw into the teeth of a blitz on the most important play of a football game. Actually, I take that back, you don’t really need a chart because everybody can agree this situation would definitely not be a good idea. Not a good idea at all.

Football charting problems aside, Lucid continues to grow at a rapid pace, evidenced by today’s investment and an expanding employee base that has risen above 150. Because of this growth Lucid sees more opportunity and trust me, $36 million represents a lot of opportunity.

“We’re focused on our existing product set,” said Grow. “We believe there is massive opportunity with both of those billion dollar markets. And we’ll continue to focus on the product, expanding offerings within Lucidchart and Lucidpress, then really double down and ramp up sales and marketing.”

As all of you know, the gentle folks at Beehive Startups (that means me) love two things: startups and poems. When you combine these two great things, we’re left with startup poetry and really, what gets better than that? Nothing, I say. Nothing.

A Lucid Dream

Last night, I had a lucid dream.

In this dream, I looked eastward 
to a karl sun rising over the mountains 
casting golden streams of light 
that shimmered in the air.

Rooted by this simple beauty, I offered my hand 
and let the warmth dance across my fingertips, 
stronger than steel and deep as an ocean, 
until everything began to glow.

At this moment, I had a feeling
 that if millions could know what this karl sun offered 
they would be granted immense strength, blessed with certainty 
that the power of creation 
is given to all.

Last night, I had a lucid dream 
and today I woke.

I opened a screen, looking at tools 
built by another Karl Sun, 
charts and presses that allow 
simple, easy creation, 
backed by institutional money that softly whispers, 
this is no lucid dream 
this is Lucid 
this is what happens 
when the power to create
 is given to all.

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