Managing Mobile Devices Isn’t Easy. MobiChord Is.

“We create a great user experience.”

MobiChord manages communication within an organization. More specifically, MobiChord helps companies manage their mobile assets, i.e. the mobile devices used by their employees.

Listen, I don’t know what your experience has been when it comes to acquiring, managing, and trading in mobile devices, but mine has not been great. And I’m just one person. If I had to arm a fleet of employees with phones, tablets, or whatever newfangled mobile device, decide which mobile plan to put each of those employees on, then make sure their devices are retired and replaced in any sort of organized fashion, my entire working day would be spent filling in spreadsheets and calling my carrier. But, if I used MobiChord, I wouldn’t have to worry about my organization’s mobile communication and could spend my precious time actually running my business.

MobiChord helps companies deploy, retire, and replace devices. MobiChord also provides meaningful analytics that offer complete transparency into employees’ mobile usage. Using those analytics, companies can match employee usage with a plan that can prevent overage charges, while keeping companies from paying for services they don’t need. All without spreadsheets.

“We create a great user experience,” says MobiChord CEO Herbert Uhl. Uhl explains that the average MobiChord customer (companies with over 250 devices) will save 50% of their time and reduce their wireless spend by 10–40%. “We believe that the majority of the market hasn’t understood what it takes to be in this century,” Uhl says. “There’s a better solution.”

MobiChord is a global company with over 200 customers all over the world. MobiChord has also built a native application on ServiceNow, the IT management platform, meaning companies can manage their mobile communications while they manage and automate all other IT activities.

MobiChord is one of the fastest growing companies in Utah, and is looking to hire new talent.

“We are always hiring and we like to take good people,” Uhl says. Interested applicants can submit their resume on MobiChord’s website.

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