MC Hammer crashes InstructureCon 2013 after Josh Coates speech

By Joey Ferguson

PARK CITY — Rapper MC Hammer crashed InstructureCon 2013 shortly after Instructure chief executive Josh Coates closed his remarks on leadership and “building your own awesome.”

Coates used the construction Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Panama Canal as object lessons in leadership, innovation and professional development.

“Innovators face opposition,” Coates said during the event. “I don’t know a time when innovators don’t face opposition. So when that happens, you should go ahead and do what you were going to do anyway.

Coates also says its important to fail fast and get help from others in similar situations.

“Be open about failure,” Coates said. “It’s ok unless you’re really insecure. And if you are then talk to someone.”

As Josh concluded his speech, Brian Whitmer, co-founder of Instructure, interrupted the CEO while sporting parachute pants and a gold vest.

After showing of a few dance moves, Whitmer gave way to the surprise guest of the evening: Rapper MC Hammer and his dancers.

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