Method Communications Named Technology Agency Of The Year

We knew we could make a difference, but we didn’t imagine it would grow so quickly.

What is the connection between Qualtrics, Vivint, Pluralsight, Domo, Instructure, and Entrata? The obvious answer is money. Like, really large amounts of money. Enough money to literally build a house from dollar bills that could withstand rain, sleet, and the apocalypse. But this is not the connection I’m looking for, so let’s move on.

The less obvious answer is Method Communications, the Los Angeles/San Francisco/Salt Lake City-based PR agency that represents a wide variety of clients (including those listed above) and was recently chosen as the North American Technology Agency of the Year by The Holmes Report.

“When we started Method, we were really focused on just building the best integrated communications agency we could imagine that bucks the trends we had personally experienced with other agencies,” said Jacob Moon, co-founder of Method. “We wanted to create something different with a strong focus on becoming strategic partners with our clients and an emphasis on producing tangible results. That approach has certainly resonated as the vast majority of our growth has come by word of mouth and referrals from current clients and our growing network. We knew we could make a difference, but we didn’t imagine it would grow so quickly.”

Normally, PR agencies are in charge of shaping the story, carefully crafting tales to push a client’s image to greater heights. This time, because Method has shown such promising growth (70% year-over-year) and revenue (approaching $10M), the story is the PR agency. Truly a topsy turvy world, it’s like if Lebron James got to sit at home tonight and tweet out a barrage of criticism at all the decisions I made today (“Why would @chrisrawle eat soup for lunch? Clown move.“ “Does anyone else think @chrisrawle is home alone tonight watching the NHL playoffs? Because I guarantee he is. sad horn sound” “RT if you think @chrisrawle has a punchable face”).

“The clients we get to work with are simply amazing,” said Moon. “They are true disruptors in their industries, and we have been able to build relationships with outstanding executives in Utah, Silicon Valley and other areas of the country. We love being a part of their growth and helping to tell their stories across so many media and in so many different ways….The team we have assembled is out of this world. We work with fantastic individuals who are strategic, creative and passionate. I think one of the most satisfying things is to see them achieve incredible results as a team and it is an honor to work alongside them.”

Published 5/9/2016

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