Noose Threads Launches On Kickstarter

It’s time to start mixing professionalism with personality.

Traditionally, ties and socks are the most depressing Christmas presents ever. It seems like forever that this has been the case, probably dating back to prehistoric times when cavemen were hoping to celebrate December 25 with a shiny new club or a big boulder to cover their cave door, but instead had to suffer through the humiliation of unwrapping a boring tie/sock combo from their Moms and then plaster a sad, toothless smile on their faces. I can’t tell you how many of my own Christmas’s have ended in this tie-and-sock-induced sadness, fueled by the disbelief that the same designs manage to weasel their way into my holidays year after year after year.

The point isn’t that ties and socks in general are depressing, but seeing the same old designs and templates recirculated is. Recently, this mindset has begun to shift, with more people starting to see the value in ties and socks that snap, crackle, and pop. Enter Provo-based Noose Threads.

“Most of the ties on the market today are all the exact same,” said Peter Larkin, founder of Noose Threads. “The designs are the same standardized templates that have been circulating the market for decades. Worse off, they are inconsistent with people’s personal brands and don’t reflect people’s personalities…We want to influence change within the tie industry and provide people with ties they can actually be excited about.”

Noose has launched on Kickstarter because they believe individuality and creativity are traits that should be embraced, not shunned. That professionalism and personality are not mutually exclusive. These are ideas anyone can get behind, amirite?

Four designs later, Noose is ready to debut their tie/sock combo packs to the world. For those professionals looking to add a little flavor to their wardrobe, here’s your next option.

“By putting our company on Kickstarter, we are putting our ideas and products out there for everyone to see,” Larkin said. “This allows friends, families, acquaintances, and anyone to become apart of our company…Each time they wear our product they will spread awareness, even after the project has been fully funded.”

The funding goal has been set at $12,000 and Noose is convinced that once it happens, manufacturing will proceed quickly. They’ve perfected their designs and now it’s just a matter of getting them in the hands of consumers.

“Ties have become so common and often get looked over by consumers,” Larkin said. “The fact that we are transforming this product and turning it into something that can represent people’s personalities and lifestyles is one of the most exciting parts about this project. We look forward to seeing people wearing our ties and showing their personalities through our products.”

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