RiskRecon Raises $3M Seed Round From General Catalyst Partners

RiskRecon recently announced the closing of a $3 million seed round led by General Catalyst Partners with participation from several private investors.

“RiskRecon enables companies to perform risk assessments at scale,” Kelly White, CEO at RiskRecon, said in a statement. “Clients trust us to quickly evaluate the security program of any business partner — SaaS, outsourcer or on-premises provider. As a former CISO myself, I witnessed firsthand the need for faster, more objective ways to support the increasingly complex third-party risk management process.”

Located in Boston and Salt Lake City, RiskRecon has focused their approach on third-party vendor risk assessment, a quick way for companies to evaluate the security program of any vendor. A funding boost will only bolster their growing presence and enhance a client list that already includes several Fortune 500 clients.

“RiskRecon addresses a growing need for greater transparency and accountability across vendors’ security programs,” said Steve Herrod, Managing Director at General Catalyst. “The team has developed unique search and analytic techniques, transforming a process, that until now, has been very resource intensive and data poor.”

Published 4/13/2016

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