Saygus V SQUARED: The Biggest, Baddest Smartphone on the Market

The Saygus V SQUARED combines technologies that the mobile world has never seen in a smartphone.

We expect the world from our smartphones. Remember the days when phones were bricks and the coolest innovation was a slimmed-down Razr? Me neither, because those times are so far gone it’s hard to remember how anyone could survive life with a phone limited only to texts and calls.

Nowadays, the future rests on our fingertips. If you’re looking to jump on Twitter and say mean things to celebrities, your smartphone has you covered. If you’re looking to watch celebrities read those mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube is one push away. As advanced as smartphones have become, it’s always hard to see improvement until the next rendition has arrived. Then we scoop it up, test out the awesome new capabilities, and before long, can’t remember how we ever survived without it.

There’s an incredible new phone getting ready to debut on the market. It’s called the Saygus V SQUARED and the listed specs will have you wondering when phones turned into high-end, waterproof, all-encompassing computers (that still text and call).

“The Saygus V SQUARED combines technologies that the mobile world has never seen in a smartphone, such as the wireless HD beaming feature and mega storage capacity of dual micro SD card slots,” Chad Sayers, Founder of Saygus, said in a statement. “Earlier this year, we conducted a pre-registration sales event through our website where people could secure an early place in line for our V SQUARED smartphone. Customers ordered from 54 different countries across the globe confirming the demand for the V SQUARED handset.”

Here’s the lowdown (don’t worry, these aren’t misprints, I already double-checked so you don’t have to): dual micro SD card slots which, along with 64 GB of base storage, means the V SQUARED can have up to 464 GB of storage capacity; wireless HD beaming technology allows users to transmit lag-free HD video to any monitor or television; 21 MP rear-facing camera that also films footage in 4k, with a 13 MP front-facing camera to take care of your deepest and darkest desires; 3D audio technology, waterproof capabilities, and a fingerprint scanner to boot. Now, take a deep breath and let all that sink in.

Saygus, based in Salt Lake City, has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign offering customers an early chance to hop aboard the V SQUARED bandwagon. Evidenced by the early numbers (closing in on $1 million after one day), people are jumping at the chance.

“We are now excited to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign,” Sayers said. “Saygus has combined incredible technology in the V SQUARED and through this campaign, we plan to bring together early adopters from around the world to join us. We believe people want to do more with mobile, and that they will, if they don’t have to compromise. Indiegogo is a great platform to assist us in bringing together a global community of technology enthusiasts who want to collaborate with Saygus to create the future of mobility.”

*The V SQUARED is projected to be released in fall of this year. To pre order the handset, *visit Saygus’ website.

Published 6/17/2015

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