Simplus In 2018: A Year In Review

This article appears in the Winter 2019 issue of Silicon Slopes Magazine.

By Ryan Westwood, CEO, Simplus.

2018 has been a dynamic and exciting year for Simplus. We’re grateful for the continued support and excitement from our partners and customers.

This year, we focused on simplifying the digital transformation journey for customers and establishing ourselves as the best quote-to-cash consulting firm in the world. As we worked to achieve that goal several highlights stood out, from a strategic acquisition and new headquarters in downtown Salt Lake City to new executive leadership and an amazing workplace culture.

Our acquisition of Silicon Valley-based CirrusOne in February 2018 brought new capabilities and expertise in Salesforce quote-to-cash consulting. The new CPQ headcount, alongside rapid organic growth, enabled Simplus to become the largest CPQ consulting firm in the world. This expertise has already been put to great use, as we recently released our new CPQ-focused Salesforce Bolt, an accelerator for the manufacturing industry.

Another key highlight of 2018 was our headquarters move from Sandy, Utah, to downtown Salt Lake City. We now occupy the fifth floor of the historical Clift building on Broadway and Main Street. The Clift building has historical significance, amazing architecture, and local importance, and we are fortunate to have been able to assist in the renovation of this beautiful building. We are now closer in proximity to several key customers, and we are grateful to have been welcomed by our neighbors. Our renovation includes a state-of-the-art training room, and we invite the local community to utilize the space and Simplus’ available resources.

The executive leadership of Simplus has grown tremendously this past year. Paul Fletcher, our new CFO, is drawing upon extensive financial, operational, and strategic experience to streamline and enhance our business processes. Meanwhile, our new vice president of corporate development, Tanner Ainge, is directing a dynamic mergers and acquisitions strategy that will allow us to bring services and jobs to new geographies and industries. Aside from these exciting additions to our executive team, we also benefited from numerous key hires who are strengthening our business and paving a clear, simple path to digital transformation for our customers.

Our focus on digital transformation was one of the reasons Simplus won many business performance awards and recognitions this year. But the awards that we prize the most are the workplace culture awards we received. Culture is our number one metric, so we were delighted to receive a culture award from Utah Business and six Comparably Best Company awards. We also received Comparably’s 2018 Best Managers award and a Lotus Culture award. We were also recognized as the “World’s Greatest” business culture in an Ion Television network series. We are grateful for our team’s exemplification of our company values of good stewardship, critical thinking, and an indomitable underdog spirit.

Our goal for 2019 is to grow stronger and faster as we continually strive to make complex things simple for our customers. We look forward to the future and collaborating with our partners, customers, and amazing team! #simplifythejourney

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