Skullcandy To Be Acquired By Mill Road Capital, We’re Pretty Sure

To recap, Skullcandy was going to be acquired by Incipio, then Mill Road, then Incipio, then Mill Road.

What an amazing week for flip flopping in Utah.

First, there were plans to build a new Facebook data center in West Jordan. Then those plans were terminated. Then that termination was terminated and we’re right back where we started, with West Jordan basically texting out a JK 😉 and sheepishly saying they would welcome a new Facebook data center.

Now we have the Skullcandy acquisition, which has had its fair share of twists and turns. An agreement was reached between Skullcandy and Incipio at the end of June, where Incipio would pay $177 million ($5.75 per share) for acquisition rights. This agreement included a go-shop period which Skullcandy took advantage of, receiving an offer from Mill Road Capital Management for $6.05 per share. Incipio responded in turn with a new offer for $188 million ($6.10 per share) and we were right back at the starting line, with Skullcandy and Incipio entering into another purchase agreement.

Welp, that’s all wrong, because now Mill Road has come forward with an offer to acquire Skullcandy for $196.6 million ($6.35 per share) and we’re pretty sure this time, it’s for real. Pretty sure. Like, 72% sure. We are 100% sure that as part of the agreement, Skullcandy will owe Incipio a $6.6 million termination fee.

So, to recap, Skullcandy was going to be acquired by Incipio, then Mill Road, then Incipio, then Mill Road. Hopefully this sticks but if it doesn’t, we’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

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