Rural & Underserved Populations

  • Rural and Underserved Training Experience (R-UTE): Provides training rotation for medical students to gain experience of practicing medicine in rural Utah. This allows students to gain additional training in unique situations and helps serves underserved populations of Utah.
  • Rural Mental Health Certificate Program: Few new graduates choose to live in areas with the highest mental health needs. This new internet-based certificate program expands expertise of a broad range of local professionals already living in their communities, such as law enforcement, education, and community action, and links them to a consultant hub at UNI. The concept has been designed and piloted with proven success. The next step is to deploy the program across Utah.
  • Rural and Homeless Outreach Program: Addressing the Navajo Nation’s major issues, this program focuses on 1) air and water quality and 2) access to inexpensive and high-quality healthy food.
  • Patient Care for Underinsured and Uninsured: Students and faculty from across UU Health (Medicine, Dental, Pharmacy, Health, and Nursing) volunteer at 4th Street, Midvale Clinic, Mahiel Clinic, and Volunteers of America.
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