V School Opens New Campus In Ghana

The first-ever coding bootcamp in Ghana will offer students a 12-week course in Full Stack JavaScript.

Nearly one year after opening a new office in Beirut, V School is announcing another international campus: Cape Coast, Ghana. This marks the first-ever coding bootcamp to open shop in Ghana, with V School launching a 12-week course in Full Stack JavaScript.

From Michael Zaro, V​ ​School CEO and co-founder:

“Programming and Web Development have become the de facto international languages of our generation, and literacy as technologies slide seamlessly across all borders. Seeing the success we have had previously in helping
refugees and international students catapult into the world of high-paying, high-demand tech jobs.”

V School has been actively involved in teaching code both within Utah and without, including award-winning work for the Refugee Coding Project, a program designed to help refugees from six different communities in Utah (Burundi, Bhutan, Congo, Burma, South Sudan, Sudan) learn how to code. This year alone, V School will have graduated over 200 students spanning three continents — that number figures to rise as V School continues expanding internationally into Ghana and beyond.

To learn more about V School and their full list of course offerings, visit here.

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