V3 Systems continues management shift adding president, CTO


By Joey Ferguson

Jim Sweeney, CTO V3 Systems

Jim Sweeney, CTO V3 Systems[/caption]

SALT LAKE CITY — V3 Systems named James Sweeney, former executive at GTSI Corporation, as its president and chief technology officer.

V3, which creates desktop cloud computing virtualization, has been overhauling its executive team beginning with the departure of co-founder Peter Bookman as CEO in December. Bookman became the company’s chief strategic advisor when Eric Lindstrom was named CEO and president. Now the company is splitting those duties with Sweeney taking the president role and CTO.

At GTSI, Sweeney focused on virtualization, data centers, security and cloud computing, according to his LinkedIn profile. GTSI was sold to Unicom Global in 2012.

“I believe that under Jim’s leadership, V3 Systems will be in good hands moving forward,” Lindstrom said in a statement. “Jim has an impressive record of accomplishments with the necessary managerial and technical skills to guide our technical development and position the company for growth.”

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