Wags Capital acquires Dirty Bird Fried Chxx

"I can't think of a more perfect fit for the acquisition and growth of the Dirty Bird Fried Chxx brand than Wags Capital!"  

Michael McHenry of The McHenry Group stated the above when Wags Capital acquired Dirty Bird Fried Chxx and committed to investing $20 million to open new Dirty Bird Fried Chxx locations across the country.

The McHenry Group develops brand concepts from the startup phases to enterprise, according to the press release.

Aaron Wagner, Founder and Managing Partner of Wags Capital, stated the following:

“With a TMG brand in our portfolio and a partnership with McHenry, we now have one of the most disruptive restaurant concepts in the industry within our fold. Dirty Bird Fried Chxx is a hot brand with the best ‘hot chxx’ in the country, combined with rich culture and scalable operations –that's a hard mix to find. This is a stand-out brand and we believe the potential is immense.”

Dirty Bird Fried Chxx has plans to build restaurants in Provo and Ogden, Utah – check 'em out!

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