Where Health Meets Tech — Our 2019 Silicon Slopes Tech Summit Experience

This article was published in the Spring 2019 edition of Silicon Slopes Magazine.

by U of U Health Plans

University of Utah Health Plans was proud to be a headlining Title Sponsor at this year’s Tech Summit and to be the exclusive health partner for Silicon Slopes.

Our “Where Health Meets Tech” experience offered attendees a unique opportunity to learn more about world-class health care technologies, leading educational resources, and accessible health insurance solutions.

A few of our spotlights included:

Experts in the fields of Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, OB Virtual Visits, Infertility, Allergy and Pediatric Asthma, General Surgery, and Wellness were onsite to answer attendee questions.

The Therapeutic Games and Apps Lab (GApp Lab) is a world-class innovation space where game developers, clinicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, and health systems administrators collaborate to solve healthcare’s most pressing problems.

Projects displayed at the summit included:

Choreographer Fish, an underwater VR game to help children with autism think choreographically. By combining music with three-dimensional movement, we hope to improve spatial reasoning. Additionally, we wanted to make a world that is comforting and freeing, allowing the player to explore and create in a safe environment.

Virtual Home Sim, a VR Oculus and PC simulation with the goal to help social work students gain practical experience to be better prepared for the field. Users navigate through a family’s home to identify risk and protective factors. They will take pictures, write notes, and receive detailed feedback at the end of the training.

Look for more from the University of Utah’s GApp Lab in coming months.

TetraAdapt is a global initiative founded at the University of Utah that focuses on accelerating equality un function, performance, and independence for the disabled community. The U of U Rehabilitation Center partners with U of U Colleges of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Architecture and Planning, Business, and Health to design cutting-edge technology and provide essential programs that improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

TertraAdapt had their current core project the TetraSki, the world’s first independent alpine sit-ski for any physical disability at the summit. Other projects demo’d at the summit included the eBike, TertaFishingPole and TetraGun.

Stay up to date with TetraAdapt’s advances or get involved by visiting TetraAdapt.us

Representation from College of Engineering, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, College of Business, and Center for Technology & Venture Commercialization (TCV) were onsite to talk with student prospects and alumni.

U of U Health Plans offers a wide range of plan options for employer groups, individuals and families — with access to award-winning hospitals and providers all over Utah. No matter the size of your company U of U Health Plans has a health insurance product that can work for you.

This year’s summit was a huge success and as the exclusive health partner of Silicon Slopes we look forward to summits for years to come.

To learn more about this partnership, visit SiliconSlopes.uofuhealthplans.org

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