Women Tech Council names 2013 finalists

Utah’s Women Tech Council honored 17 successful women during its annual awards ceremony.

The Women Tech Council was founded in 2007 to advocate for women in the tech economy. The program recognizes women in Utah who either lead technology companies or contribute to the technology economy. The finalists included:

Shani Allsop, REES Capital

Elena Balasa, L-3 Communications

Catherine Ball, Ancestry.com

Cheryl Snapp Conner, Snapp Conner PR

Cathy Donahoe, Domo

Ashley Dreier, Health Equity

Melissa Floor, Chargeback.com

Sharlene Hawkes, Remember My Service Productions

Amanda Hudson, Western Governors University

Maile Keone, VacationRoost

Kristi Knight, Vivint

Sarah Lehman, ENVE

Denise Leleux, eBay

Cory Schaeffer, Listen Technologies

Lynda Talgo, eBay

Zlatina Todorov, O.C. Tanner

Clare Wysocki, ATK

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